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Barry's Easy Riser
1978 - 1979
History of my Easy Riser...
I ordered my Easy Riser May 28, 1979. It was delivered June 4th and was fully assembled as a glider by June 21, 1979. A Rotec 10 hp engine was installed July 8, 1979. I built the “Car Top Carrying Box” and transported the Easy Riser atop my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix. - What a sight.

The first powered flight was July 12, 1979 at Roger Wilson’s farm (amongst the cows in the field.). I made three flights this year, all were foot launched and not one successful landing. I bent some strut brackets and received a few bumps and bruises, but nothing major. But, if was fun. Perhaps things would have been smoother if I had taken lessons or at least previously flown something.

The following year things went much better. I installed landing gear and flew from a private airstrip only two miles from my home. Twelve flights this year with no bruises and no bent struts. It was terrific. I built a home in the Catoctin Mountains and due to lack of time and access to a local field, I sold the Easy Riser. Even today, I really miss the blue sky excitement.

Present Day:
Enough about the past. - Check on the 1/6 scale model of my Easy Riser. Schroll down or click here

Present Day - Easy Riser Model...
I had a severe outbreak of nostalgia and decide to build a 1/6 scale model of my Easy. The drag rudders are functional and the Easy disassembles and folds up just like the real thing. I scaled down a set of the original plans and constructed the model airframe and gear from aluminum tubing. The ribs were pressed-out using a home made male and female die. - They look just like the full size ribs. It took longer to build the model than to assemble the Easy Riser. No wing covering yet. I made an attempt, but the results did not pass inspection. Perhaps some time in the future if I become inspired.

note: - The apparent double wires in the picture are the wire shadows on the wall.

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