The Foreign Coin Collection

Using this site:
Click the mouse over the thumbnails in the right frame will download the coin images (both sides) in the larger displays in the left frame.

The left frame consist of:
First - Individual coins - Over 200
Followed by - Paper Money (File size in the 300kb range - May be slow on dial-up connections.)
Followed by - Coin Sets (File size in the 150kb range - Somewhat faster on dial-up connections.)
Followed by - Sheets of coins (File size in the 700kb plus range. - It's going to take a while on dial-up connections.)

Note: You must click the same thumbnail again after the images have loaded to display the correct approximate height of the coin as presented in the display. - The height is derived from the scanned images and is only an approximation. Some coin images may have a saw-tooth effect around the perimeter of the coins. This is an undesirable result of the image processing software.

Here’s Our Story: - The family has inherited a “coin collection” that includes coins, coin sets, commemorative coins and medals, and paper money; all of which we want to liquidate. We would prefer to sell as an entire collection, but may consider reasonably sized quantities. There are over 300 foreign coins and paper money displayed here today and we have another 4 pounds to process. We also have a large number of US coins that are not display. Contact Mr. Bundick for details. - See Contacts below.

The Coins: No one in the family has expertise in numismatic. Thus, we are not attempting to grade the coins and have difficulty even identifying some coins. There are coins from Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Budapest, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech, Chili, Dominican Republic, Dutch, Egypt, France, Gambia, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Salvador, San Marino, Sudan, Tonga, Turkey, Venezuela, and all the others that I can not decipher.

Emmett A. Bundick - Administrator
26305 Shoremain Dr, Bloxom, VA 23308-2859
tele - (717) 665-5721

Barry Bunting - Assistant
Email – barry5 at buntingnet dot com.
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